Sunday, November 17, 2013

Model City Polish October Sunset with Enchanted Polish To Die For

Model City Polish recently released her autumn collection called Ode to a Southern Holo. There are 8 beautiful soft holo shades including this one, a purple aptly named October Sunset. The holo gives a golden glow, and there is a blue flash in the polish as well. Both of these effects really capture the lucent qualities of the western sky as the sun is setting.

 I paired it with To Die For from Enchanted Polish as an accent on my ring finger. It is a stunning mix of holographic glitters.

Sadly, the sun refused to come out while I was wearing this polish so the holo didn't have much of a chance to show off. However, even in direct sunlight the holo is subdued, like the prism you see in a gentle mist of water. These pictures were taken on the second day so there is some slight tip wear. There is also a bit of nail trying to lift free of my middle nail so I foresee a length chop in my near future.

two coats October Sunset
one coat To Die For (ring only)
HK Girl topcoat

October Sunset, like all the holos in the collection, is also beautiful mattified. 

Doesn't that look as soft as a kitten's whiskers? Swoon!

You can get Model City Polish products at her Etsy store. Follow Nina on Facebook for special offers and sneak peeks at upcoming collections as well!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

CrowsToes Indian Summer

I recently received some polishes from the CrowsToes Better Late Than Never Fall 2013 collection. There are many beautiful polishes in it, but Indian Summer is a standout for me because I am a sucker for a nice duochrome and the colors in this one are exquisite. The colors morph from a blurple through purple and burgundy to ruby and orange at the far edge of the range. Shifting your fingertips is like watching twilight fall.

I was hooked at the first coat!

I really don't know that I can say anything that will be more eloquent than the pictures themselves, so I will just let you see the magic:

The polish has a stunning "lit from within" quality to it. The colors dance at the edge of perception at times, especially toward the violet range of the spectrum.

 I am in awe of this polish. It was very slightly on the thick side but posed no challenges in application. It is mercurial and captivating and deserving of a spot in any collection. I can't stop staring at my nails!

Indian Summer is a popular color but Overall Beauty is planning on doing a restock later this month and you can sign up to be notified when it is available for sale. You can find out more about Lauri's other polishes and upcoming collections on her Facebook page.