Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sally Hansen Nail Prism Holos

Wow, I didn't intend for it to be quite so long since my last update. My nails have sort of gone to seed - my below-the-quick tear finally grew out past the edge of my skin and so I was able to cut it off and my other nails went along to keep the lengths even and give them a fresh start. I am using Nail Envy Sensitive/Peeling formula and we'll see how that does. My cuticles decided to pitch a fit though - they are all torn up and angry.

My current manicure is a skittles with various Sally Hansen Nail Prisms. These are all holos and I keep forgetting how amazing they are. I am a holo fanatic and I keep telling myself there is no point in spending big bucks on these hard to find Nail Prisms because the market is full of so many nice holos but there really is a wonderful quality to these that the more modern holos don't seem to have. I have described it as a liquid light - the reflective particles seem to be floating ever so slightly above the nail giving the polish a depth and lovely limpid quality. Of course, that is balanced by the fact that these are full of the nasty chemicals that you hardly ever encounter in these 3-free days. Applying the polish aggravated my asthma but the end result was worth it. From pinky to thumb the polishes are Coral Amber; Golden Tourmaline, Pink Rose Diamond, Purple Diamond, and Diamond.

My camera went a little insane trying to photograph these close up. This is the only halfway decent photo I could manage out of dozens of attempts. I think it shows the watery quality I am talking about. Please forgive the tipwear, I had been wearing the polish a couple days before the sun deigned to come out.