Saturday, January 18, 2014

Enchanted Polish Ballerina Sprinkles and Ethereal Lacquer Once Upon A Dream

Welcome to a new feature I am going to try out for the blog, at least until something shiny distracts me: Side by Side Saturday! Basically I am going to use two similar polishes to let you see how close they are. I am not necessarily looking at dupes, although some may be.  But if you are interested in say hot pinks, this will let you look at a couple and see how you feel about them. I am going to start off with something cruel by showing you two HTF (hard to find) polishes - a Limited Edition by Ethereal Lacquer and an older release by Enchanted. Both will probably be rather difficult/expensive to get your hands on but I love the colors and it's my blog so there ya go.

We are starting off with Once Upon A Dream, a recent release by Ethereal Lacquer that is described as an icy blue holographic polish with sparks of blue shimmer. 

Swoon. I love this sort of soft shimmery color. Which leads us to contestant number two, Ballerina Sprinkles. This Enchanted Polish is also an icy blue holo but her shimmer is pink and the holo and shimmer are both more pronounced than OUAD.

 So lovely! Okay, here we go. I have Ballerina Sprinkles on my pointer and pinkie fingers and Once Upon A Dream on my middle and ring fingers. You can definitely see the difference in the polishes but I think they harmonize nicely with each other. These next two photos are taken in indirect daylight.

And this next one I took using flash since the sun is just a distant memory at this point. 

Ballerina Sprinkles is like most other Enchanteds for me - an absolute dream to put on. I love the brush, I love the consistency, I love the staying power. The Ethereal was equally pleasant to apply. These polishes could be sisters! This manicure features 3 coats over CND Stickey and topped off with HK Girl topcoat for both the Ethereal and the Enchanted.

Ethereal Lacquer and Enchanted Polish can both be purchased from their respective Big Cartel sites as well as various stockists including MeiMei's Signatures for the international crowd.

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