Saturday, July 18, 2015

Indigo Bananas - Neon the 10th Element

My blog! It lives!! Well, okay, we've been here before and it never seems to last but let's not dwell on that and just enjoy this special moment together, shall we? I confess that I have been two-timing with that Instagram hussy but she asks so little of me compared to Blogger, and I appear to be a lazy lacquerista (but not THE Lazy Laquerista, who is lovely and talented and does blog regularly so you should all go follow her at ). 

So what, you ask, has bestirred me to knock the cobwebs off my keyboard and return to blogging? Well, that would be the amazing neon collection that Andrea over at Indigo Bananas has released. It is called the "Neon, the 10th Element" collection and every name is a delightful wordsmash of the periodic table of the elements and the movie The Fifth Element - does that give anyone else warm fuzzies or just me? It includes Rhubidium Rhod (neon red), LiLoo (LithiumLoo) (neon orange), Sulfur Green (neon green), The Uranium Evil (neon yellow), Diva Plumbum (neon teal), Carbon Dallas (neon blue), Phlogiston Paradise (neon purple), Zinc Industries (neon purple/magenta), and Neon, the 10th Element (neon pink).

The colors are phenomenal. The yellow, orange, pink and green are intense neons - they look just like the ink from the highlighters that I tore through while I was in school. Because of that my poor camera freaked out and was unable to capture their true intensity. But trust me - highlighter ink. 

They dry to a marvelous rubber finish. I have an example here where I was painting a base for some nail art that failed so they may have benefitted from an additional coat on some colors and there is no cleanup but ignore all that and check out the glorious rubbery-ness of Carbon Dallas, Phlogiston Paradise, The Uranium Evil and Rhubidium Rhod:

I ended up settling on a skittles manicure to showcase all the colors in the collection. I then topped them with Spotted Snow by Ethereal Lacquer - a topcoat with holo pigment and black dot glitter. The resulting manicure is pure 1980s fun. 

I destroyed the delightful rubber finish by adding the Spotted Snow and a final topcoat of HKGirl. Oh well. Shiny!

I call this pose "spaghetti fingers"

See, I told you they were a perfect match for highlighter colors!

I don't watermarble but The Polished Perspective did a comparison of several of the neon indie collections that have come out this year and determined that the Indigo Bananas neons are the best of the creme formulas that she tested as far as watermarbling is concerned. 

There are three additional non-neon polishes in the collection - a lovely light grey holo called Aether Or and two flakie mixes, Mul-Ti-Pass and Earth, Wind & Fire. Like all Indigo Bananas polishes, the collection is available in both full size bottles and generously sized 8mL minis. Head over to the Indigo Bananas website and check them out! 

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