Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bohemian Polish Flash Dry

Earlier this summer I picked up a bottle of Bohemian Polish's quick dry topcoat, Flash Dry. I hadn't used it yet because I had plenty of HK Girl left but swatching the Moste Potente Potions collection* seemed an appropriate time to bust out my bottle and put it through its paces. I must say that I am extremely impressed with it. It provides me with the same resin-like protection that HK Girl does and seems to dry just as quickly. Flash Dry goes on ever so slightly thinner than HK Girl so I might prefer HK Girl over polishes with more texture like glitters and reserve Flash Dry for holos, shimmers, and cremes since I am usually too lazy to use something like Gelous.

SpaceCat is very enthusiastic about Flash Dry topcoat

My exceptional klutziness provided a couple of opportunities for Flash Dry to prove its mettle. When I was wearing Don't Mind the Steam, I was preparing dinner and the knife I was using to cut an onion with slipped and hit the tip of my thumbnail. While it chipped the polish, my nail itself was fine and I think that if I had been using a lesser topcoat it would have sliced the nail as well. Also, shortly after applying the Flash Dry to my See No Dreams manicure, my updo loosened itself and I had to remake it. As I was gingerly replacing one of the metal pins in my hair, rather than slide it through the hair I was holding in place I jammed it into my nail because I am the epitome of grace. I was certain that I had destroyed the polish. I cussed, looked at the finger (my ring finger), and was happy to see only the faintest ding. It absolutely would not have been necessary to redo that nail if I hadn't been doing swatch shots.

I had to experiment to find an angle that would even show the ding!

I wore my See No Dreams manicure for 5 days and saw only tip wear. I had no chipping on either hand which was amazing for me. The only issue I had was on the same ring finger I dinged with the hairpin. I woke up the day after applying my polish and it had wrinkled slightly during the night. I think it may have been due to my not waiting long enough between coats when I was applying the polish since I was redoing just that one finger. Despite that, I give the Flash Dry topcoat my highest recommendation.  I presume that topcoats, like polish, are somewhat dependent on body chemistry but for me personally Flash Dry is a wonderful option from a great indie maker. I will still be using my HK Girl for many of my manis just because I have well over half of my large refill container left and I do prefer the thicker coating for polishes with any degree of texture. But for smooth polishes, I will be quite happy using Flash Dry from here on out.

Day 1

Day 5

You can pick up your own bottle of Flash Dry quick-dry topcoat from Bohemian Polish's etsy store. While you are there be sure to check out the Moste Potente Potions collection, and use the code WANDCORE for 20% off your purchase.

*You can check out my swatches of some of the polishes in the Moste Potente Potions collection over on my Instagram account, @alphabootoo

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