Sunday, September 22, 2013

Model City Polish Dipping Chocolate and Autumn Jubilee

Today is the autumnal equinox and I have some polishes from Model City Polish that are getting me in the mood for fall. The glitter, Autumn Jubilee, is a limited edition polish but is currently still available in Nina's etsy shop along with her non-LE Halloween trio of scented glitters which are definitely worth checking out. But first, let's look at Dipping Chocolate on its own. This is a beautiful brown holographic polish.

Thumbhancement to show the soft glow that the holo particles give.

Check out the shine! This is with no topcoat.

 Autumn Jubilee is a clear base with red, gold, orange, green and brown glitter - a forest's worth of fall foliage contained in a single bottle.

Sadly, my glitter application skills leave a bit to be desired so I have some thin patches on my first two fingers - yet again, I ask that you blame the blogger and not the polish.

The glitters shine very brightly, particularly in low light when the Dipping Chocolate base becomes more subdued. 

Dipping Chocolate is currently sold out but the Model City Polish etsy shop is being restocked on Saturday (September 28th) and it will be available then along with a new line of beautiful holos that she has been previewing on her Facebook page.

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