Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Elevation Polish Silversword

Elevation Polish recently released a collection called Heights of Hawaii and one of the polishes in that collection is Silversword. I knew as soon as I saw it that I had to have it! The silversword is a magnificent but endangered plant that gets its name from dagger shaped leaves covered in silky, silvery hairs. It is able to survive the harsh conditions of the high altitude environment in which it is found and yet it is delicate enough that footsteps on the cinders in which it is rooted can do it irreparable harm. 

I think Lulu captured the silversword very well. She describes the polish in the following manner: "Heavy Silver shimmer, holographic with slight hints of green shimmer. Holographic pigment is low/medium density. The holographic flair isn't strong. This polish softly glows in the dark." 

Application was effortless with this polish. Two coats were adequate and it went on smoothly with none of the balding that this type of polish can sometimes exhibit. Each coat dried quickly. I used my usual base coat of CND Stickey and 1 layer of HK Girl topcoat. 

indirect daylight

The holo is quite subtle on this polish although the lack of sunshine didn't give it much chance to shine. I do see some hints of color from time to time under bright light so I am curious to see how it might do with direct sunlight. Sadly, Indiana seems disinclined to help out in that regard anytime soon. However even without holo the polish is a beautiful silver with soft sparkle. It is subdued but very interesting and I am completely in love with it. 


The polish does indeed glow in the dark but I have yet to master that kind of photography so you will just have to test it out for yourselves. 

Elevation Polish is available from the Big Cartel site and as of this moment Silversword is in stock.

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