Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Enchanted Polish January 2014

This is going to be a rather odd post format, at least initially. Because Enchanted Polish January 2014 is a Mystery Color and there are folks out there who do not wish to have the surprise spoiled, I am going to have my pictures set up as imgur links so you can click through to them if you want but they won't pop up on any feeds to spoil the surprise for those wishing to remain in the dark. After everyone has received their polish I will edit the page to show the picture but for now, you are going to have to work for them! However, reader be warned - I am going to be discussing the polish in the body of the post so skedaddle if you don't want to know any more.

Here, have a photo of an adorable sleeping kitty to take up a little space…

January 2014 is part of the monthly series of polishes from Enchanted and was available as a preorder. Some people had trepidation about purchasing a polish sight-unseen but the advantage of being an Enchanted Addict is that I knew I would have to have it regardless of what it looked like. Fortunately, the color is lovely and most people seem to be very happy with it. I have seen it described as a blackened teal or a dark grey but to my eye it looks like a navy. Whatever you want to call it, it is dark and mysterious and somewhat dusty with a nice amount of holo.

The holo really pops in the sunshine as you can see here.

Indoors the color is muted but beautiful and note that there is no topcoat in the following photo. That brilliant shine is innate to the polish.

It seemed to me that Enchanted Polish To Die For would be perfect to go over January. Unfortunately, it seems to almost get lost amidst the holo. In low light however, To Die For lends a subtle sparkle to January.

January had the lovely formula I have come to expect from Enchanted Polish. These pictures show one coat of January on its own or topped with one coat of To Die For. Chelsea hinted that this will be the year of mystery polishes so it will be interesting to see how people react to that. So far both Mystery colors she has offered (Holiday and January 14) have been quite pretty but I can see how people who aren't avid collectors might be reluctant to take the chance on them. On the other hand, if she continues to offer her polishes as pre-orders it should make them considerably easier to obtain once the color is revealed since the supply issues won't be quite as bad as they have been with the limited amounts from the regular restocks.

Enchanted Polish can be purchased from the Big Cartel site. Sign up for the mailing list on that page to learn when the next restock will happen.

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