Sunday, August 25, 2013

Indigo Bananas Dream A Little Dream

Today I have polish for you from the new Endless Summer Collection from Indigo Bananas. As a huge fan of both the Sandman comic series and holographic multichromatic polishes, I had to pick up the entire set and I am thrilled with all of them. As usual, I purchased these myself and my opinions are my own unbiased thoughts. I am starting off with Dream A Little Dream, a pink polish with blue shimmer that shifts from a reddish orange through red violet.

In indirect light the polish is a soft medium pink

The sparkles come out to play in sunlight (forgive the errant cat hair)

 Here you can see the shift toward the salmon side of things

and here it leans violet

Since my job requires "modest" polish colors, it is always nice to find a work appropriate color that has enough color play to be interesting and fun for me to wear. Indigo Bananas is one of my favorite Indie brands and this polish was as easy to apply and wear as all her others. You can find Andrea's polish creations including all of the Endless Summer Collection at her Etsy stop.

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  1. Hi there! :) Thanks for the swatches & blog posts. Great capture on the shift in both this and Hallucinate, and big high five on the Sandman love :D

    This polish in particular is going to look pretty different layered over colors (especially darks/blacks), as it's a blue/purple/golden-orange shifter. (Endless Nights too). I had fun layering them over various colors (ok, truth is my left hand sometimes had 4/5/6 different layers all on top of each other as I test things, haha!)