Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Zoya Mason and CrowsToes Storms Never Last

I have two beautiful polishes today that are exquisite on their own but combine to make a truly swoonworthy manicure. The first is Zoya Mason from the Fall 2013 Satins collection. Zoya describes this color as Red Violet “Fandango Pink” Metallic and that seems as good a description as any, although I am not completely certain what a Fandango Pink is - it sounds fun, though doesn't it? It has visible color shift and great shine - there is no top coat in this picture. 

Storms Never Last is part of the CrowsToes One Mad, Crazy Summer collection. Does Lauri have the best collection names or what? This particular color is dedicated to her mother, and is poetically described as a darkened blurple/dark magenta/gold multichrome with sparks of shifting teal glitter shining like little stars. The bottle shot confirms the stellar nature of the color:

One coat of Storms Never Last applied over two coats of Mason yields a deep dreamy polish that shifts and gleams and sparkles. There is a blue cast that stands out over the violet base and makes this manicure memorable and eye-catching.

There you go! This was a winner in my book and I was very sad to finally take it off after 3 days. It did wear very well with only minimal tip wear despite being subjected to a good deal of housework.

You can find Zoya Mason on the Zoya website and CrowsToes Storms Never Last is available from Overall Beauty and Llarowe, although it is popular enough that it is not always in stock. 

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